American Chop Suey

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    American Chop Suey

    Post by monica on Wed May 14, 2008 2:46 pm

    1. cup diced tender fresh, mutton, beef chicken, cup diced shrimps or prawns, cup diced pork or bacon, cup diced chicken or mutton liver
    2. cup refined oil, 3.1 dsp. Garlic flakes, crushed with skin,4.1 chilli, chopped
    tsp. Slivered ginger, cup slivered onion, 5. 1 dsp. Soya bean sauce
    6. cup slivered carrot, cup slivered tender beans, cup slivered cabbage
    7.1 dsp. Finely chopped celery (optional),1 dsp. Corn flour, 2 dsp. Tomato sauce, tsp. Pepper powder, Salt to taste, 9. cup boiled noodles 2 dsp. Oil
    chilli sauce as required,Tomato sauce as required

    Heat cup of refined oil and fry garlic. Remove and discard. In the same oil, season chilli, ginger and onion separately and keep aside.Saute meat, prawns, pork or bacon an liver. Pour 1 dsp. Of soya bean sauce over the meat and mix. If necessary sprinkle a little hot water over the meat. Cover the pan with a lid and cook.When the meat is cooked toss in the vegetables and celery if a available. Before the gravy id full absorbed, make a thick sauce with ingredients at item 8 and pour it into the gravy.Season cup of noodles in 2 dsp. Of oil in another pan. Toss it into the vegetable and meatprawn mixture. Dish the preparation on a serving dish and garnish it with fried noodles. Serve hot with chilli sauce and tomato sauce.

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