Pineapple snow-white pudding

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    Pineapple snow-white pudding

    Post by monica on Tue May 13, 2008 3:19 pm

    1. China grass cut to small pieces- 10 gms.
    2. Water- 1 cup
    Pineapple and orange cut to small square pieces -3 cups
    3. 1 long cinnamon pieces- 3 pieces, Cloves- 9 Nos.
    4. Lemon Juice- 1 dessert spoon
    5. Condensed milk- 1 tin, Milk- 2 tins (condensed milk tin measure)
    6. Sugar- 6 dessert spoons
    7. Pineapple- to decorate

    To prepare
    The pineapple pieces are cooked in 1 cup water and the third set of ingredients. 1 cup of syrup is squeezed out of this. One dessert spoon lemon juice is added to this syrup. The Chinagrass is cut to tiny pieces with a pair of scissors. This is washed in water and allowed to dry on a strainer. The Chinagrass is added to one cup of water and allowed to melt. When the Chinagrass turns warm the pineapple syrup is added to it and it is warmed. The condensed milk, milk and sugar are poured out into a large aluminum vessel and allowed to boil stirring consistently.
    When the milk and sugar turns lukewarm the Chinagrass pineapple syrup mix are slowly strained and added to it. While mixing, stirring should be done consistently to avoid cheering of the milk. The vessel is now lowered into another vessel with water an the mix is double boiled without separating the ingredients. This is done by stirring continuously for about two minutes after which the mix is poured into a glass bowl. The mix is now refrigerated till the pudding sets. Pineapple is now cut with a sharp knife and the pudding is decoratively topped with it.

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